Steve Persall of the St Pete Times wrote a nice article about me and the film.

Erin Kitzinger was an underclassman at St. Petersburg High School when she spent a spring break day at the beach that eventually led to a filmmaking career, and the Gasparilla Film Festival entry Hope for a Thorn.”….  Read the full article.


Hope for a Thorn producer Jay Delaney has been invited to be a Producer Mentor at the prestigious South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas next weekend, where his documentary Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie premiered in 2008, alongside the producers of such films as Before Sunset, Winnebago Man, and Old Joy.

Jay will be advising filmmakers in one-on-one sessions, while also getting to enjoy one of the best festivals in the country.

Check out the list of Producer Mentors.

Congratulations, Jay!


In addition to the Gasparilla screening, we will be screening the following week at the Delray Beach Film Festival in Delray Beach, Florida! My short film, Life to Go, played DBFF a few years ago, so I’m really excited to be returning with Hope!

Hope for a Thorn will be playing Sunday March 28th at 5:45 at Crest Theatre. See the b-side listing and buy tickets here. The complete schedule is here.

Tickets for all events are available here.

Delray Beach, now in its fifth year, runs March 22 – 28. This year’s honorees include Sharon Gless (Cagney & Lacey) and Jessica Walter (Arrested Development!!!) The fest takes place in a relaxed, artsy enclave located on the picturesque coast of South Florida where enthusiastic and thoughtful audiences await. This filmmaker-focused fest delivers great programming in a relaxing setting in Delray Beach, a sunny vacation destination. Visit DBFF for more.


Today’s Tampa Trib has a piece about the festival. Hope for a Thorn gets a mention.

Shorter Gasparilla Film Fest packed with diversity
“At the less testosterone-heavy end of the spectrum is “Hope for a Thorn,” an intergenerational family drama directed by Erin Kitzinger, who grew up in St. Petersburg. Kitzinger recently won best director honors at the LA Femme Festival in Los Angeles.”

Read the full article


We made the front page of UCF Today!  Full article


UCF’s College of Arts and Humanities did a little piece about the Gasparilla screening


Hope for a Thorn posed an interesting challenge musically. Aside from the score (I went with my go-to composer, the exceptional David Jones, who scored two of my shorts – Life to Go and The Girl Who Couldn’t Dream; you can hear his work in the Thorn trailer), I also wanted a lot of source music, music to be playing in the scene.

As Victoria is very stuck in her memories of a happier time, the 1940’s, I really wanted her house to be filled with the music of that era and earlier (what her mother would have listened to). For my temp music, I used a lot of Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, etc. However, music rights are a tricky business and with our limited budget, there was no way we could afford festival rights to these songs, let alone DVD rights.

This was the single most frustrating piece for me over the last two years, as I was haunted by the question of how to pull this off. I first attempted to find public domain music, but that is also incredibly tricky, as there are multiple rights involved (the song itself might be public domain but a particular recording might not).

Enter David Harper and J4U Entertainment. David and his team of talented musicians, vocalists, writers, and engineers were eager to come on board. They did (what I thought was) the impossible – wrote and recorded original songs inspired by my temp tracks that sound convincingly vintage.

I am thrilled to unveil the new songs to the world at Gasparilla!

Song Credits:
“I Wish You Were Near”
Performed by LaRae Gainey
Composed by LaRae Gainey, David A. Harper, Kenneth Crouch
Produced by Rob Gi’Hana Grissett, David Anthony
Published by Queen LaRae Publishing (BMI), J4U Entertainment (ASCAP) & yesssindeed publishing (BMI)
© 2010 J4U Entertainment


Steve Persall of the St Pete Times did a write-up of the upcoming Gasparilla International Film Festival, after a press conference this week.

He mentioned us and our local connection.

We got the same mention in the newspaper version yesterday, with one small difference – apparently I’m now going by Eric Kitzinger. Oh well. Can’t win ’em all.


Hope for a Thorn will be having its Gulf Coast premiere at the Gasparilla International Film Festival in Tampa!

We’re really excited to be coming to Tampa to screen the film in March. I grew up just across the bridge in St. Pete, so this will be a great opportunity for friends, families, and the other people who made this film possible to attend, many seeing the film for the first time. (Plus, as it’s still 30 degrees and snowy in Chicago, Florida’s not the worst place to go for a few days in March).

GIFF is one of Florida’s largest and fastest growing film festivals. Organized and operated by the non-profit Tampa Film Institute, the fest is dedicated to expanding art opportunities in the Tampa Bay community through the medium and culture of independent film. GIFF’s specific mission statement is to promote opportunities for film makers and film fans alike to create and enjoy independent film in the Tampa Bay area.

The festival will run March 18 – 21. We’re really excited to be a part of it and Jay and I will both be attending the screening.

More information regarding screening date, time, and location coming soon.

Check out the GIFF site for more information. And be sure to check out our trailer on the GIFF site.


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