About the production

The story of Hope For A Thorn began in January 2005. Writer-Director Erin Kitzinger began writing the script for an undergraduate screenwriting class. The script won the UCF Film Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting that year. Over the next two and a half years, the script evolved. In November 2006, Jay Delaney came on board as producer, and fundraising began shortly thereafter.

Pre-production took place the first half of 2007. The production design department redecorated an old Orlando home, transforming it into Victoria Thorne’s house. Then from mid-July to mid-August of 2007, Hope For A Thorn shot in the Orlando area. The cast and crew endured the Florida heat, almost-daily thunderstorms, and omnipresent bugs during the 21 day shoot.

The film was produced as part of the University of Central Florida’s new Entrepreneurial Digital Cinema program, a revolutionary graduate program of which Erin was one of the first students. The program forces the student to approach feature filmmaking as an entrepreneur, embracing limitations and solving problems without the help of very much money. The filmmakers relied on local cast, crew, locations, and organizations to assist them in accomplishing this difficult feat – completing a microbudget feature film without sacrificing story or production value.