About the film

HOPE FOR A THORN is the story of a wounded grandmother who seeks her own redemption through helping her granddaughter overcome the cycle of neglect that has plagued the family for generations. The film focuses on Victoria, a recently widowed woman living alone in a big Victorian house in a small town. That is, until the disappearance of her estranged daughter Maggie forces the arrival of 12-year-old Sophie, the granddaughter Victoria’s never met.

Desperately clinging to the belief that her mother is returning for her, Sophie slips into fantasies to deal with the loneliness of Victoria’s home. Victoria, a terrible mother to her own daughter, has no idea how to care for this wounded child, too caught up in her own demons and the loss of her husband. Slowly, Victoria begins to realize that the damage she did to her daughter has affected her granddaughter as well, but the misery and demise of her family weigh heavily on her shoulders. Is she past the point of redemption? Can Sophie break the cycle that’s been tearing the Thornes apart for generations or is she doomed to repeat it?